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Give more Introduction/

Schmidt Hammer Lassen - SHL

Last year, the exhibition ran from 3rd February to 15th March 2012.

Aedes am Pfefferberg

Christinenstrasse 18-19



Architecture frames our lives in very profound and concrete ways. It reflects the understanding we have of culture and society. Architecture spans the polarity of the concrete and the abstract. It is in the encounter and interaction between these two polarities that the main idea and concept of architecture unfold.

The approach of schmidt hammer lassen architects is that architecture creates change – architecture is not a goal in itself. The practice strives to design buildings that meet the challenges of modern society; that shape the life for people and organisations; that make people come together in new ways.

The exhibition Give more shows a selection of architecture projects by schmidt hammer lassen architects, and offers the audience a glimpse of how architecture can give more by adding value and positive change for people, places, and communities. The exhibition features 9 selected projects paraphrasing 9 visions on how the buildings give more besides being beautiful landmarks.

Give opportunity/ Performers House/Silkeborg/Denmark

Give hope/ International Criminal Court/The Hague/The Netherlands

Give inspiration/ City of Westminster College/London/United Kingdom

Give access/ Urban Mediaspace/Aarhus/Denmark

Give identity/ University of Aberdeen New Library/Aberdeen/Scotland

Give reflection/ The Crystal/Copenhagen/Denmark

Give dialogue/ Halifax Central Library/Halifax/Canada

Give recognition/ Cultural Centre of Greenland/Nuuk/Greenland

Give atmosphere/ Danfoss Head Office/Nordborg/Denmark

The selected architecture projects are presented through photographs, models and texts. Additionally, the exhibition integrates film clips and quotes where users, clients, and reviewers express their experience with the architecture, thereby connecting the intention of the architecture to the reality.

The various Give statements represent important values and indicate how the architectural approach of schmidt hammer lassen architects embraces these values in both design process and the final design.

The exhibition will run from 18th January to 10th March 2013.

Danish Architecture Centre

Strandgade 27B



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